Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Beaker Beltane Ball

The Husborne Crawley Beltane Ball will be held on Thursday evening, in the field behind Crow Lane.

We've gone for a sit-down meal this year. Unfortunately since we're in a field this means we'll be sitting on the grass. Bilgord has made a rather lovely dandelion soup which she's been boiling since last Friday, but the good news is we can get pizzas in.

Drink will be provided by Halfbeard. This will be a choice of dangerously strong meads, flavoured with herbs, chilli or ivy leaves and washed down with Husborne Scrumpy.

Music will be provided as follows:

Halfwit and his Musical Druids play the songs of the Bards (lyre and harp ensemble)
Stewartby Earth Music (Hnaef and his mates banging pebbles and lumps of bamboo together for several hours).

After Halfwit, Hnaef etc have been chased from the stage we have arranged for Mr Flares and his 60s Disco to provide a selection of appropriately hippy tunes for the rest of the evening.

Dress code this year is "Come as a tea-light".

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