Monday, 12 May 2008

Burton joins the Folk

Dear Reader, perhaps I should explain my presence here. I am aware that I have occasionally graced the chronicles of the Beaker Folk over the last couple of years, acting as I did in the role of Independent Examiner of the Accounts. However over a bottle of mead at the Husborne Beltane Ball, the Archdruid persuaded me that I should join the community as a resident.

In many ways this has already meant great sacrifices. The Archdruid's insistence that I should surrender my credit card as part of the joining ceremony means that I can no longer pursue a materialist and self-centered life, having to be content with the simpler things.

It was strange filling in the entry form for membership of the Folk. Some of the details they ask for are quite strange. I don't see why they are particularly interested in my mother's maiden name, for example - although I am sure my date of birth must have some relevance.

However for the time being I am enjoying the peace and quiet - broken only by the sounds of the emergency services racing down the M1 from time to time, and the beeping of the industrial machinery over at the Marston Gate estate.

The Archdruid herself seems to enjoy a particularly spartan life, as an example to us all. However I was surprised to see the delivery of the complete works of Genesis (the group, that is) that arrived from Amazon this morning. Not to mention the frequent deliveries of fine wine that constantly seem to arrive from Tesco's in Kingston. I am sure they are for the good of the community. Perhaps she is planning for us to enjoy them during the three-week holiday she has unexpectedly booked on a private island in the Caribbean?

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