Thursday 11 September 2008

The-o The-o The-o

Thanks to Young Keith managing to wire a particularly dodgy-looking box of electronic tricks into a dustbin lid on the stables roof, the Beaker Folk eventually managed to enjoy a free view of the England match this evening, albeit in black and white. And it was quite surprising to see how heavily it was snowing in Zagreb. Obviously what Keith did was technically illegal, but let's face it putting the game on Setanta and not making it available to the English Public, even as highlights, should be illegal even if it's not*.
However the raucous chanting afterwards was definitely unseemly. Especially that rather lewd one about Mr Tito.

* The author of this Blog would like to stress that using home-made equipment to access Setanta is strictly illegal, immoral and probably quite stupid, if you fall off the stables roof, as Young Keith managed to do. The Archdruid's suggestion that it is in any way morally acceptable is as wrong as her beard is long. Not that she has a facial hair problem. Or at least, not that you'd dare mention it to her...

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