Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Ash Wednesday Service

On reflection, having a Sung Celebration of Ash Wednesday could have been seen as a bit inappropriate. Bit joyful, bit celebratory.

So I'd like to thank the Beaker Quire and Orchestra for being so awful. Every note missed, every chord more an aspiration than a resonant harmony. Every off-beat a bit off the beat.

Got us right in the Lenten mood.

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  1. I find the liturgy for Ash Wednesday including the long confession appropriate. The choice of hymns match the liturgy, our Choir Director chooses well.

    As we are in vacancy at the moment, our Retired Priest stepped into the Gap and brought a gravitas of familiarity as he often celebrates with us, which replaced the stream of new faces taking services in recent weeks. He will cover all of the Easter liturgy as well, so we're happy and our new incumbent will be installed right after Easter, and we look forward to some exciting times as the vicarage comes to life again, with a young family filling it and even the spouse who has a lay ministry role in the church. Vacancy is a strange period, as people get to do things they hadn't dreamed about, as people adapt to new Clergy, which can take them out of their comfort zone. Different preaching styles keeps the sleepy ones awake, particularly if they say some challenging things.

    But we will be glad to have our own Vicar once again.


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