Thursday, 13 August 2020

Grade Inflation is a Disaster

In one of those pieces they presumably hope only true believers read, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson is in the Telegraph. We should not amend exam grades, he says, as if people got higher results than they deserved they might be over-promoted and fail in future life.

His Prime Minister would probably never have got to Oxford if he hadn't had loaded parents who put him through Eton. This PM is running a country despite a career that consisted of writing articles that were racist, homophobic or simply untrue - with a sideshow of hanging from a zip wire, buying illegal water cannons and inventing an irrelevant and useless bus.

We have 65 thousand excess deaths in six months. The worst fall in GDP in the developed world. The biggest fall in the economy in history. A shambles of a communications strategy. And at the height of that, a laser-like focus on hunting down a few hundred desperate people who launch themselves across the world's busiest sea lanes in dinghies in the hope of better lives.

You know, Gavin Williamson might have a point.


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