Monday 30 November 2020

Advice on Streaming Online Services

I know a lot of clergy and others have been struggling to understand the best way to stream online services. So here's a bit of advice out of our own hard experience here at the Beaker Folk.

In the early days we used to use Gribble to put our worship onto Groblol. We found it best to disambulate Gringe before defragging the Wildrive connector. This needed an RS232 welded into a skelt shamble. But remember to earth the skelt shamble, to avoid an overload of pink noise.  But even so, there were issues with temporal disjunctures. Especially at higher temperatures.

So now, for Beaker Folk services, we normally channel the AV through MoobCrush. This gives us bidirectional drain channels, but without a lot of overhead vizbleed.

If you're using a Snarklink, ensure the co-ax is cross-threaded. Ideally left-handed, although neutral bandwise is an alternative if you're in Croydon.

We like to channel our channels through YouTube as a downstream uplink, cross-furculated into DribFlan. Albeit we had a few problems degrommiting the backdribble, so we had to drivel the audiolink through NoseFlash and then it's just a matter of converting CMYK to BRB on the fly, and we're sorted.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Totally sounds just like Zoom, facebook live or Microsoft Teams or if desperate Google meetings.

  2. Do be careful! Cross-furculating can cause a gradual build-up of static eccentricity that only becomes apparent when it's too late to prevent a major bangle-woof incident.


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