Saturday, 8 May 2021

A Wet Mother Julian of Hazelnut's Day

Today we celebrate Mother Julian of Hazelnut, Old English mystic and seer. Who introduced mustard to Norwich.

And I remember with fear the old Husborne Crawley weather-saying, "If it be wet on Mother Julian's Day, Southampton will beat Liverpool away".

We are a bit concerned that the sheer amount of rain that has fallen has made a mess of the fruits of our ritual hole-digging yesterday. We were going to cast deliberately-broken pottery and Beaker weapons (pointy sticks) into them, together with the hazelnuts we saved from last autumn to plant now. But now we've got an orchard full of holes, full of water, and it doesn't seem such a good idea.

I'd be a bit down over this. But I shall comfort myself with the words of Julian herself. All is wells. And all will be wells. And all manner of things will be wells.

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