Sunday, 1 August 2021

Llamas Day

 Thanks to Burton for the Festival of Llamas. They're not exactly friendly creatures, so all that spitting made the service more difficult that it necessarily might be. And they occupy a lot of space. Which has the downside that the Moot House was quite full. But then on the bright side, you can use a llama for social distancing. If you always keep a llama between you and everyone else, you know that's pretty much 2 metres. Including the safe distance you need to keep between you and the llama.

I didn't really get Burton's analogy of the llama as being a bit like the Trinity. Yes, a llama is bad-tempered, hairy and smelly. But just being able to say something is three other things is not the same as even a bad trinitiarian illustration.

But it was when Burton told us all that people have been celebrating Llamas Day for thousands of years that I realised his big mistake.

Lammas Day. Not Llamas.

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