Wednesday 22 September 2021

Lament for the death of Robert Fyfe ("Howard" in Last of the Summer Wine)

The last of the summer's gone
A little chap, all woebegone
Whose bike was always out too long
in search of summer wine.

He raced to find some quiet lane
While Pearl demanded he remain
To clean that dirty window frame
And not sip summer wine.

He never quite got it right
in search of bliss
Marina's hot, but she got
barely a kiss.

So now on this autumn day
the fleeting summer's passed away
and Howard will no longer stray
to drink his summer wine.


  1. Last of the Summer Wine was a seminal series which just ran and ran. Some characters died while it was on, and were replaced by new characters. I always liked Compo, who was the character I might end up like if I don't take care. But the reruns on some channels keep the light on for many of us. Howard was a character who was either long suffering or someone who lived in eternal hope of breaking the boundaries of his hen pecked life. RIP Howard.


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