Sunday, 10 June 2012

On Christian Media

UCB have apparently been putting out sad tweets regarding a poll that apparently said 80% of Christians think Christian broadcasting. They've been asking what we think about it.

Now, I've racked my brains over this. And the honest truth is that I've no idea what Christian broadcasting - at least in England - is like. I've seen American televangelists, long and merry enough ago now, who would ask you to put your hand on the screen to be healed (while putting your other hand in your pocket). But what is broadcasting this side of the Pond like? I've no idea.

But I've a stereotype in my mind. And maybe that's their problem. The stereotype has cheesily grinning, fresh-faced Christians - like well-scrubbed Simon Mayos - cheerily telling us how great life is, in between playing Matt Redman records and interviewing Delia Smith. And the funny thing is that (a) I'm sure that's just my deluded idea and (b) I quite like Simon Mayo, Matt Redman and Delia Smith. But I still couldn't bring myself to tune into UCB.

In fact, being honest and just between you and me - I've no idea whether UCB hasa radio station, TV channel, both or neither.

I have another sneaking suspicion, which is that if there's a Scottish Christian broadcaster, it's probably Strict Presbyterian Broadcasting - twenty-four hours of stern lectures on sin and guilt every day, followed by an epilogue where they tell us it's actually a sin to own a radio. And it won't be much better in Hell.

The only consolation I have is that if there were an Atheist Channel, it would be even worse. Blokes in anoraks and failed comedians - and even comedians in failed anoraks - telling us there's no point to life, but don't touch that dial as there'll be another bloke in an anorak telling us life is futile after the break. But due to the boring nature of the broadcasting, there won't be any adverts - just some trailers for upcoming futility. 

On the whole I think I'll stick to Eastenders. It is also futile, but at least they won't put on cheesy smiles.


  1. Scottish Presbyterian Broadcasting wouldn't be every day - surely it is silent on the Sabbath?

  2. UCB along with Premier Christian Radio are British Companies as far as I know. Premier is a Charity, while I think that UCB is commercially owned and run.

    I'm not a real fan of Christian Media in this context as it tends to be quite evangelical, while I'm from a broader church background, which doesn't do 'in your face' evangelism.

    I really believe that Christian Media has it's place, but would prefer to see a broader based service based on broad based a cross denominational basis.

  3. I only have a context of American Christian media and I find it appalling and embarrassing. I about swallowed my tongue when I heard Pat Roberts say the Hatian earthquake was retribution for their pagan ways. He's said a lot of other insane things, and people continue to give him and other twits like him attention and, unfortunately money. Sadly, my opinions about Christian media will forever by jaded by these clowns.

    1. Also, the Christian Media's coverage of that Baptist lady that was arrested in Haiti trying to take the kids over the border was crazy. At first, they were all "oh my gosh, she shouldn't be doing that" but as soon as they found out she had supposedly converted a bunch of voodoo people while she and her possee were in jail, all of a sudden she was a hero of the faith. Forget the fact she took these kids from their living parents under false pretenses, forget the fact she had no paperwork for made converts so now the Christian Media suddenly calls her a saint.

  4. We've got a TV channel that broadcasts stuff on a range of religions, other cable ones that do American televangelists (sorry to all American televangelists out there, but I don't know much about this stuff because I don't watch it), a radio station that rebroadcasts a lot of US shows, and, my favourite (aside from CBC, which you couldn't really call a religious medium even though 'Tapestry' is sometimes interesting). My favourite is a private, entirely volunteer-run station that's been run out of a local church practically since radio was invented. They have almost no ads (they make funeral announcements, and have a few funeral home or assisted living ads, which says something about their demographic.) They broadcast local church services twice on Sundays. Almost all the rest of their programming is music. Classical music, cowboy music, lots and lots of older hymns, local folk music, marching bands music...stuff that, for some reason, the private commercial stations rarely or never play.

    1. I'd never heard of UCB, so Googled it. A bit of a disappointment to find my irrational prejudices about the weirdness of folk from the Potteries confirmed!

  5. The Atheist channel is just static isn't it?

    The idea is you have to think for yourself... (sorry couldn't resist that old one,... I'll get my coat) ;)


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