Saturday, 7 July 2012

Stonehenge Upgraded

So I see from the Telegraph that some improvements are finally to happen at Stonehenge. English Heritage details are here.

To see the A344 closed nearby the stones will help - you know how hideous it is to view the Heelstone against the background of boy-racers hurtling along from Devizes under the influence of Wadworths 6X.  To get the visitors' centre and the current car park removed will be marvellous. And I like the idea of a "shuttle" (or the option of walking) from a relocated visitors' centre a mile or two to the stones.

But I do wonder what form the "shuttle" will take. My worst nightmare is that it'll be a dirty great bus. My hope is for floating fake sarsens, piloted by blokes dressed as Merlin, running above a maglev track embedded under the mystic, springy chalkland turf. I realise that the potential damage to archaeology of my suggestion  is enormous. But come on, surely that's a small price to pay for a fantastic Stonehenge experience?

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  1. I thought that they were building an underground car park and visitors centre, directly under the henge. It was to have a high speed lift that took you up to the centre of the stones, exiting from a hollowed out stone with a sliding door.

    The alternative to walking from a distant visitors centre, is to employ some of the soon to be Redundant Royal Artillery from Larkhill, to shoot you from their guns in the general direction of the Henge - a human cannonball so to speak. The bonus being that you don't explode and spread shrapnel around when you land.


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