Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barclays League Implicated in Scandal

So it turns out that over the last twenty years, a number of Man Utd results in the Barclays Premier League have been systematically "upgraded" to ensure their results were better.

In other news, Howard Webb is tipped to be the next CEO of the sponsors.

* Our Lawyer Writes: I have to stress that this is a joke. Howard Webb is one of our finest referees, and would never consciously award Man Utd penalties they had no right to. No matter how much it feels like it.

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  1. I wonder whether Barclay's will continue to be an acceptable sponsor for anything?

    More worrying is the implication of whether the BOI was implicated in it as alleged by the outgoing chairman that rough Diamond bloke.

    There are also allegations that the BOI was under pressure from politicians - if this is true, those very politicians who are condemning both Barclay's could very well be implicated in a wider scandal.

    It's all very well politicians getting on their high horse about scandal and abuse, when their own house was mired in it due to the expenses scandal with a number of former Right Honourable Members and Peers spending time at Her Majesty's pleasure.

    English law is Innocent until proven guilty - the current witch hunts presume guilt over innocence.


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