Sunday, 22 July 2012

"The Worst Spring Harvest Ever"

You know, I sometimes worry about Burton Dasset and Drayton Parslow. They've just got back from a trip to Minehead Butlins for the last few days.

Drayton says he was stunned at the number of tattoos young Christians are wearing these days. He didn't see Bishop Pete or Vicky Beeching. The Big Top was clearly a victim of the cuts, and the late-night worship event in Reds appeared to be according to the Blues Brothers tradition. The Morning Celebration in the Skyline was apparently led by Barney the Dinosaur(c). He says it's the worst Spring Harvest he's ever been to.

Meanwhile Burton tells me he came back to 256 unread emails. Some would be a bit daunted, but Burton says, at least it's a round number.

Sometimes I don't think they're the worldly men-about-town their reputation would lead you to believe.


  1. The problem with Butlin's holidays, they never work out the way we would like.

    I was most disconcerted to see that the Red Coats instead of being young and nubile, are not after 30 years since my last visit, looking a bit frayed around the edges. It might help if Butlin's had updated their Red Coats, but a few were straining at the waist, while others quite clearly had inserts let into them. They looked like patchwork quilts.

    The other thing is that the Chalet's have now been updated from Nice, liveable, huts to hovels, reminiscent of that Cheap Hotel that is always around with Road Chef's.

    The activities for the children have been really restricted by the health and safety mafia and even buying an ice cream cornet comes with a mandatory health warning. Might contain Ice Cream!!

    So, given the state of Butlin's, it's no surprise that it now hosts Christian Festivals. Those Ecumenical Events, where Christians let their hair down ever so gently. Consume huge amounts of alcohol free alcohol and only smoke in the portaloo's.

  2. loving 256 as a round number!


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