Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Moderate Religion

I've been pondering the concept of "moderate" in descriptions of church tradition.

So let's consider the view of the average "moderate" Christian in the box pew, or sitting on a steel-framed chair or Beaker Beanbag (available for £30 in a range of liturgical colours).

They will generally believe that the person they follow died, but was subsequently alive again: that he intervenes directly in their lives, occupations and even thoughts today.

They believe that he expects them to be nice even to people they don't like; to wish good to those that wish them harm; and to consider all things in the world unimportant, except as viewed through him. They are to hold money lightly, and to see possessions as dust.

They're repeated failures on the previous points, of course. But they believe that when they do get it wrong, their perfect, all-consuming, moral fire of a God says "OK - let's try it again. But together, this time.

Thank goodness they're only moderates.

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