Sunday, 16 December 2012

Advent 3 Activities

Third Sunday in Advent. Fantastic. We love Advent - the looking forward, the longing, the wistfulness. We've even lit the special silver candle. And so today our programme's looking like this:

8am - Candles and Mince Pies round the Manger

9am - Bucks Fizz and Mince Pie breakfast

10am - A Tinsel Extravaganza

11am - Carol Service (Modern Style)

12 noon - Carol Service (Traditional Style)

1pm - Carol Service (Gangnam Style)

2pm - Reindeer Derby! Put your shirt on Blitzen, have a monkey on Cupid - or will Rudolph win by a nose?

3pm - Children's Nativity

4pm - Grown-up's Nativity (as inept as the Children's one but without the "aaah" factor)

5pm - Mod Xmas Service - Vespers with the Vergers on Vespas

6pm - Turkey and Tinsel Tea with Mince Pies to follow

7pm - Hnaef's Ukulele Night - "The Sound of Music from Scratch" - bring your own ukulele

8pm - Carols by Candelight around the tree. Bring your own candle.

9pm - Charlii's Sleigh-Ride - bring your own sleigh. And snow.

10pm - Screening of the Wizard of Oz. Bring your own advocaat.

As I say, I love Advent. But it's all about waiting. Thank goodness we Beaker Folk get to celebrate the Solstice on Friday - we couldn't take the suspense of hanging on till Christmas for the fast to be over.

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  1. Lol.
    Seriously tho some clergy diaries do look like this. Makes me shudder:)


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