Thursday, 13 December 2012

Homily on St Lucy's Day

Patron saint of brave girls with useless brothers.

Today we remember how Lucy and her older, more boring, sister Susan showed bravery and loyalty. Despite the betrayal of her idiot brother, Edmund, they stayed loyal to Aslan to the end and beyond.

It is a reminder that, in locking my own brother in the attic and confining him in the care of Mrs Rochester, I have acted wisely and in the best interests of all....

.....What's that, Hnaef? Wrong Lucy? That Narnia stuff was just a story? OK, well can you all forget what I've just said. Except that bit about locking people in the attic when it's for the common good. That's true.

Come on Caspian. Looks like it's back in the wardrobe for you.

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