Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Relaxing Cup of Tea

That's a relief. I've been trying for weeks to organise a meet-up for a cuppa with my friend, Arch-Sage Suzie, of the Sarum Folk of Stevenage. And we've finally got it set up.

You know how it is - when I have a free hour, she's running a Messy Funeral (not something I'd recommend, by the way). When she had a bit of time off from the Holiday Club planning, I was busy with the Little Pebbles Orange Iggle Piggle Fan Club. Whenever you think you've time in your diary, you discover that you arranged to "show your face" or "just pop in" at some club that has very little to do with you, but the people expect the Archdruid to show up, just to show they matter. For example - why the Husborne Narrow Gauge Modellers' Club felt the need for me to show up and pour out a beaker of water on the new 4-4-2 loco they've built is beyond me. Their membership so nearly overlaps with the Manshead Hundred Secularists' Group, and the Mid Beds Anorak Club, I'm surprised they really wanted a Druid there. Or, for that matter, somebody who was in possession of more than one X chromosome. And I always think 4-4-2 is a terribly old-fashioned arrangement - why did no-one ever have a 4-2-3-1 loco?

Some days, when all's said and done, just consist of running from Pouring Out of Beakers to Mini-Moot Meetings, to Ash Tree Selection Panel, to Divination sub-Committee, to Entrails Inspection Group, to Lunch Club (without time to have any lunch) to Afternoon Tea with the Bright Hour, to Holy Jinglers (don't ask), to Filling Up of Beakers without time to draw breath.

Anyway, we've finally got it scheduled. Saturday June 4th, at 2pm. It's gonna be a bit of a wait, but I'm sure the time will fly until 2016. I'm really looking forward to it.

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