Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hearing is Believing

That was a lovely rendition of the song "Lord, I come to you" which the Music Group brought us earlier. However it has confirmed me in my belief that we should get our music from official books, rather than transcribing the words and working out the chords from worship CDs.

I simply do not believe there is any scriptural sanction to suggest that we can rise up on wings like beagles.


  1. My sister reputedly worried (at the age of about 3) about low-flying fields, having sung in Sunday School:
    Can you count the stars that brightly
    Twinkle in the midnight sky?
    Can you count the clouds, so lightly
    O’er the meadows floating by?

  2. I think one of the most educational aspects of religious practice for a child is the time you get to spend puzzling over the weird things people say and (if things are particularly boring) the things you find in one of the books on the shelf in front of you. Nowadays, they take them all off for Sunday School for most of the service instead of making them come back in the afternoon, like we had to until I persuaded my mother I preferred the morning service, so they miss this opportunity.


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