Sunday, 12 May 2013

Vanilla and Iller

Everybody knows that this is Tea Light Sunday. When the Beaker Folk, having celebrated Ascension Day on Thursday, have a little break from the Church calendar to allow the Catholics to catch up.

And was it so hard for Hnaef to have ordered the right type of tea lights? After all, there's millions of them in Tesco alone.

So he got vanilla. Can you imagine what 300 vanilla-scented tea lights smell like? I just don't think "I thought they smelt a bit odd" covers it as an apology, myself.

Anyway, five minutes in we had to evacuate the Moot House, leaving people to go and retch in the sweet morning air. Right in the middle of "Let our praise to you be like the incense we don't burn cos it's a bit Catholic." There's seven people now dreaming dreams, and a number seeing visions. And we all smell like cheap ice cream.

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  1. At least you won't be pestered by insects in the Moot House for a while!


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