Wednesday, 15 May 2013

When Geeks Collide

Exciting news from the UEA, as Star Wars fans clash with Whovians.

I've not known a geek-related conflict quite like it since the Oxford Sci-Fi Soc turned up at Brasenose one evening to watch Dr Who, to be met with stiff resistance from a bloke who was determined that the BNC JCR should be a Who-free zone. Oo, that was quite an evening.

The trouble is, Sci-Fi fans are generally the least scary people on earth. The thought of a bunch of people dressed as Vl'Hurgs having it out with a battalion of Soltarans, while the Vulcans shout "leave it Spock, he ain't worth it" - all surrounded by a bunch of spotty students - that's not that worrying, is it?

Although, to be fair, the people interviewed gave us the opportunity for amusement. Jim Poole said, ""We'd like to extend the hand of friendship." - which was presumably cut off with a light-saber.

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