Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ye cannae break the laws o' Physics

Fascinated by this article on contactless payment cards being unintentionally charged. Partly because it gives me new opportunities to extract tithes from what I am going to be designating "passing pilgrims" - those on School Lane, for example, who are just heading up to Junction 13.

But I love the comment from the expert - "The terminal is working within the specification of Near Field Communication but not within the intent."

The terminal is working according to the Laws of Physics, in other words. That being the case, I'd suggest you need to change the "intent". Anything else is likely to be much harder.

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  1. I think you should work on extending the range of your terminal. That way you could include anyone who passes Junction 13 as passing pilgrims. The beauty of that scheme would be that you, I mean the Beaker Folk, could get rich quick by charging such a small toll that no one would notice. At 100,000 vehicles per day, even if you charge only 1p each you can make quite a good income!


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