Friday, 12 July 2013

Doing up the Moot House

It has always been my aim, ever since I first became a Trainee Druid and put on a squirrel outfit, to bring a prophetic view. Obviously, as long as my role consisted of entertaining the "Little Pebbles" junior Beaker Folk while dressed as assorted woodland creatures, I have not had the chance to exercise that prophetic gift. However I've now been in my post as Acting Archdruid for a week now, so I feel I've put the squirrel suit behind me. I can see clearly now the rain has gone, and I have a view on the way in which we should be moving.

In particular, and not just because the first thing any new leader looks for is a church reordering or building project, for a while now I've wanted to do something about the Moot House. It is now several years since Eileen, very sensibly had the entire thing rebuilt in a flame-proof, fire-proof, bomb-proof configuration. I feel it has served us well. We have had numerous explosions, fires and floods since, but we have never had to rebuild it from scratch.

That was OK in the late 2000s. Sleek lines and functionality were all the rage. But we are in a gentler, kinder, closer-to-nature kind of world now. I want to move to something more organic, more in its landscape, more expressive of the feminine nature. Something, in short, rather like this:

A gentler, more feminine, more natural Moot House
Now I don't plan to spend my time in charge in a dictatorial manner. So Beaker People have until tomorrow lunchtime to come up with their feeble objections to my brilliant plan. I hope I have made myself clear.

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  1. I see that you are made from the 'Eileen' mould of Arch druid's.

    Expecting anyone to give an answer to such a major redevelopment without consulting the planning authorities, English Heritage and The British Museum is a non-starter.

    In addition, it's not yet hay cutting season, so there will be no hay available for the thatch until September. The ground is rock hard from all of the sun so mud making is out of the question and off course, horse hair is now a precious commodity and will cost to much for the wattle and daub.

    Why not be realistic and just opt for an all-weather, outdoors Moot House. Blow up the old one, clear the debris and you'll have a nice clear space to furnish and decorate with plastic furniture, umbrella's, barbeque's and a trampoline and safety net. In fact, just like my neighbor's back garden with those noisy, objectionable children.


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