Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nipping Out for a While

You know, it's three years now since I had a holiday. Admittedly it was six months in Hardy's Wessex, but it was still a long time ago. I need a break.  And thanks to the extortionate tithes I have extracted from the Beaker People over the last seven years, I can afford one.

Now, I've just put in an offer on a house a little way from here. Just far enough that I won't be tempted to leg it back. But close enough that I'm able to help if Charlii - who I am hereby appointing Interim Acting Temporary Archdruid - and Young Keith should start to anticipate the spark of tiny tea lights.

Obviously I'll be back if it doesn't work out. But otherwise you may be hearing from me shortly. Hopefully this is just au revoir....


  1. This sounds awfully messianic ... or perhaps in the spirit of CAptain Oates?

  2. What would bechance at Lyonnesse
    While I should sojourn there
    No prophet durst declare,
    Nor did the wisest wizard guess
    What would bechance at Lyonnesse
    While I should sojourn there.

  3. Only for a while? Moving house is life-consuming in my experience! Enjoy......

  4. We'll be wating when you return... happy house move Archdruid


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