Monday, 1 July 2013

Pwetty Lights in the Sky

I note from the BBC that the huge fire in a Birmingham recycling factory was caused by Chinese Lanterns.

So I hope whoever's party it was had a nice time. But their gooey feelings as their pwetty lights went up in the air have been paid for by the injuries to a number of fire fighters, and the release of untold toxins into the sky.

The Fire Brigade spokesperson has called for these idiotic toys to be banned. Fair enough. But just in case anyone's already got them, or brings some in - let's see whether we can't get their use defined as attempted arson.

If you release uncontrolled fires into the sky, you are being criminally reckless. You are the sort of idiot who, frankly,  shouldn't be allowed to play with matches.


  1. I so agree... "Idiotic" is possibly too kind a word, and "arson" is spot-on. Why weren't these banned long ago?

  2. I know I'm biased, but both CPRE and NFU have been trying - literally for years - to get them banned BEFORE something like this happened. Although there have been earlier "minor" incidents of farm buildings & materials destroyed and animals killed, nothing has happened. But we're ONLY in the country.

  3. You're right. This has been an accident waiting to happen. It amazes me that people are stupid enough to send fire floating off who-knows-where.

    I've e-mailed my MP and defra, but who knows what effect that will have? Especially as I wrote 'Dear Sir' and 'Yours faithfully' as taught in secretarial college. Just because it's an e-mail rather than a letter doesn't obviate the need for scribal politeness, don't'cha know?

    love Mags B x

    PS 'I shot a lantern in the air,
    It fell to earth in Smethwick.'

    (Apologies to Longfellow. And also to Louis Mazzini, tenth Duke of Chalfont, from 'Kind hearts and Coronets' one of the best films ever made EVER!)


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