Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wattle and Daubed

What an exciting day we had, daubing up the Moot House today. I really wanted to get that more natural look. Too often, I believe, we allow ourselves to be separated from Mother Earth - cut off, not really true human beings because we are not adamah - the humanity that is created from the dust.

We had a new, hi-tech method of applying daub, which Young Keith really wanted to try out. But on the other hand, I wanted to ensure that everyone got their hands dirty, so to speak - really got it under their fingernails. Came to know they are indeed born of the earth. So we agreed that the other Beaker People would daub one side, while Young Keith's auto-daubing machine did the other half.

Thinking about it, we should have done the two sides at different times. It was tragic, really. Beaker People eagerly climbing up ladders, eagerly clutching their handfuls of cow dung and clay - only to get a face-full at high speed from Young Keith's daub cannon. After ten minutes, one side of the Moot House was beautifully daubed. As was one side of the Beaker Folk.

We'll have to let Young Keith do the other side tomorrow. There's no Beaker Folk ever want to hear the word "daub" again. It's going to take weeks to get it out of their nostrils.

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  1. Is this a complicated allegory based on the goings on at Synod?


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