Monday, 23 September 2013

Misty Church

The early-morning mist gave us the idea. It would have been lovely, dancing in those grey toned tree-lined landscapes. the light fading and brightening, the gentle humid air caressing our faces.

But it was too early, and people hadn't come for dancing. And so we hit up upon the idea of "Misty Church". It's a real winner, if you think about it. Mist dulls sound, so you get the silence you like. And, in a non-threatening environment, the lowered and variable visibility gives you fleeting glimpses of the numinous.

So we pumped St Bogwulf's Chapel full of dry ice, turned the Enya up to 11, and enjoyed our Misty Church. It was restful, stimulating and spiritual all at once.

To give us one corner with some variety, we lit a couple of hundred tea lights over by what used to be the East Wall. But we hadn't counted on Burton Dasset coming in to pick up his Big Book of Numbers.

Burton saw the shadowy figures flitting through the mist, took in the enormous amount of flame over at the East side, and assumed that the chapel had become a portal to the fiery realms. Screaming "this is what happens when you let these heathen in", he ran terrified into the woods.

He really should relax a bit. Maybe take things a bit less literally. It would make for a calmer life for him.


  1. All this ephemeral stuff is very un-beakerfolkish! It's more like a hippie colony on aspirin rather than acid.

    It definitely shows how low it's sunk when an innocent like Burton is so horrified by visions of Hell, fire and brimstone that he runs away, rather than summoning the Arch Druid and pointing out that's where she was headed?

    No, nothing like the good old days :(

  2. "This is what happens when you let these heathen in". Not very ecumenical or inclusive, Burton. In fact I am rather offended. I am going to get my "Management Accountant Action Man" out of the Barbie Box, and give him a full course of acupuncture.

  3. He has this purist view of worship in "Proper" churches. Things it should all come out of the book. He especially likes Lectionaries, as they're so beautifully numerical.

  4. hehehe... poor chap, maybe he's just got asthma that reacts rather badly to dry-ice and smoke... just took himself off for a wee bit of forest bathing to calm himself down ;)

  5. Maybe you will be able to use dry ice more often to stop the Moot House burning down (as it's CO2).

  6. I had no need after all to worry about Eileen leaving! I can still confidently come here for liturgical ideas...


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