Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Guide to Expectations for Successful Prayers for Healing

Being mildly sad - prayer can work instantly.

Feeling a bit bleugh - often provides short term relief.

Colds, indigestion, blisters - often works after a few days.

Bit of a bad back - can feel a bit better.

Legs of different lengths - instant, but often pointless. Often reverts (or even reverses) after walking around a bit.

Impotence - try to avoid laying-on of hands. Or, on second thoughts... no, let's leave it.

Piles - definitely avoid laying-on of hands.

Depression - may not work as well as you think.

Lost limbs - works very infrequently.

Based on this article. Basically, at the Beaker Folk we believe prayer can work miracles. And medicine can do everyday, scientifically-predicable healing which can be pretty special. Why not try both? (But be warned - God is incredibly reliable at working through physical laws, but a bit random on the "apparently impossible" stuff).

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  1. I've often wondered about the efficacy of healing prayer. Having experienced healing prayer including anointing and laying on of hands, I can testify that it's a powerful experience.

    It can help to restore spiritual health instantly, physical health probably needs a combination of faith in the healing activity, a determination to get better with God's help and of course, where appropriate, the intervention of science in the form of medical professionals and their skills in surgery and with medication.

    In most cases, the combination can be very effective, although we have to accept that in the end, we will all die and be restored in Christ.


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