Monday, 16 September 2013

Burton's Beer Tasting Notes - Moorhouse White Witch

Rather nice this, Dear Readers. On the stronger side - although, as golden ales go, not as strong as the legendary "Summer Lightning".

If beers were church services, this would be a time of quiet reflection with a haunting hymn at the end - one that stays with you for a while. Its light body and hoppy happiness gradually give way to a slight sweetness that never quite gets as far as cloying, but is still surprising in this class of beer.

On the Sydney Carter scale, I'd rate it at "syncretic"


  1. Indeed, a great ale. That said, Moorhouse's is rather good at brewing!

  2. My very dear Burton

    You have my character to a T - I am blushing like a 2000 year old. I suspect that you have been reading the runes as well as tasting the beer which fyi, is best served with Turkish Delight.(Avoid serving to underage drinkers in fur coats who turn up unexpectedly, or things can get nasty very quickly).

    Jadis (the one and only Authentic 100% proof White Witch - ignore all imitations by HC Anderson and the Grimms).


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