Thursday, 19 September 2013

This is a Low

Liturgy for People's Spiritual State as if they were Shipping Areas.

General Synopsis: Low over Husborne Crawley, except for Maeslie who made an interesting misidentification while gathering her breakfast mushrooms.

Marston, Jazmine, Orca, Hnaef: Overcast, brightening later.

Karl Barth: Heavy Fog.

Milton Ernest, Aelfine, Knotzworth: Bright, but on kitchen duty. Clearing later.

Nina: Constant drizzle.

Geldwell, Young Keith, Torstig, Edith: Recovering from last night's Social Committee meeting at the White Horse. Falling more slowly.

Charlii: Stormy.

Denniz: Tried to cycle to Bedford Station after the Social Committee. 12 miles. Falling frequently.

Mansfield Woodhouse: Like bad real ale. Cloudy, with bright patches.

Burton: Dull.

1 comment :

  1. The morning after the night before.

    Charli - Stormy? Is that due to young Keith, keeping company with others in the pub, and ignoring her?

    Bring back the Arch Druid, she'd have knocked heads together so that all shared the hangover.


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