Saturday, 23 November 2013

Beer Blogging in Northamptonshire

Dear Readers, I am taking the opportunity to write  this live blog from a pop-up pub!

It is one of Bedford Station's great virtues that it is only one stop from Wellingborough. And it is one of Wellingborough's great virtues that it is home to Hart Family Brewery. Who are fine brewers of marvellous real beer. I write this blog from the heart of the brewery building, where I am consuming their Winter Red.

A heavy,  full-bodied winter ale of 5%, it has little hop attack but a host of lingering hoppy bitter after taste. I think I shall have another. I give it 6.9 octas on the Pauli Exclusive Scale  And if only I had brought a bike like the brewery's, to take some home. 

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  1. Excellent bicycle design :D


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