Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Management-speak Church Mission Statement

It has taken months, and there has been much organisational blood on the Moot House carpet, but I think we have finally reached a Church Mission Statement we can all sign up to.

As a proactive fellowship benefiting from a synergistic, consultational organisational structure; empowering the grassroots while committing to strong, directive, facilitative leadership; remaining rooted in our foundational principles but looking to expand our commitment to gaining evangelistic traction, we hereby commit to pushing the envelope, mission-wise, until we get our visionary principles over the line, ongoing.

I am just sure there is something missing...


  1. Not a clue what you're on about, but Jesus gave us the original mission statement in clear, concise language. "Love each other as I've loved you".

    Knocks the gobbldeygook you've drafted into infinity.

  2. May the committee be with you, in the name of the Director, the Licensed Missioner, and the Synergy, Amen.


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