Thursday 28 November 2013

The Pilling Report - Your Questions Answered

Q: So what's in the Pilling Report?

A: We don't know. We've not got round to reading it yet.

Q: Will Same-Sex Marriages be allowed in Church?

A: Nope. Or, not yet. Maybe one day. Let's all talk about it.

Q: Can there be a service of blessing?

A: Obviously,  we've not actually read the report. But can we refer you to this "Service of Not Blessing" we previously published?

Q: Will Gafcon be annoyed?

A: Oh, yeah.  Goes without saying.

Q: And will gay rights campaigners say it's just a small step in the right direction?
A: We suspect so. Some of them. Others will talk about enshrining bigotry and prejudice.

Q: Will there be services where basically everybody looks like a member of Village People?

A: Only where that is already the tradition of the parish.

Q: What will happen where a vicar wants to conduct a not-a-blessing, but the congregation objects?

A: There will be a bust-up at the PCC, letters to the Bishop; then everybody will muddle through, but never quite forgive. This is the Church of England, after all.

Q: If all ordination candidates will have to agree to order their lives in accordance with the Church's traditional teaching on sexual conduct - what will this mean in practice?

A: Oh look!  Comet Ison! Did you see it?  Wow - look....

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