Monday, 11 November 2013

Christian New Media Awards 1557

Dedication to Bible Translation

- William Tyndale

Best new Prayer Book 

 - Thomas Cranmer

 Most Memorable Quotation in a Martyrdom Situation 

 - Hugh Latimer

Most Determined Attempt to Annoy Everybody by a Renaissance Man

- Michael Servetus

Best Small Church Project

- The Moravian Brethren

Best Art Project

- Michaelangelo

Best Overseas New Media Innovation

- Johannes Gutenberg

Biggest Impact on the Standardisation of the English Language

- William Caxton

Sufferer of the Most Ludicrous Post-Mortem Condemnation

- John Wycliffe

Best Satirical Publication

- Dante, "The Divine Comedy"

Biggest Treacherous Rat-bag

- Sigismund of Luxembourg

Most Implausible yet Irresistible Claim by an Evil Get that a Short-term Expedient has Divine Sanction

- Henry VIII of England for his "Dissolution of the Monasteries"
(Runner-up Henry VIII of England for his "English Reformation")
(3rd place Henry VIII of England for his "no honest, Ann Boleyn is definitely guilty)

Most Imaginative Use of Books (as a fuel)

- Thomas More

Most creative use of a Door

- Martin Luther


  1. Gold, pure gold.

  2. Replies
    1. Total breach of the Geneva Convention. I thought a Grauniad man would be particularly anti- this kind of thing?

  3. Best Idea Ignored By Us And Eventually Handed Over To Our Competitors - Erasmus for Humanism.

    1. I was going to day something witty about "In Praise of Folly" but wasn't clever enough. The thing Erasmus did that is still with the more conservative Evangelicals is his Greek Bible text, behind the KJV.


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