Monday, 11 November 2013

Curly Kate Pays Tribute to the Fallen

It was a moment of weakness. I should not have done it. But the shop had run out of Telegraphs while the Times, like the Sun, is still banned from the Beaker Community.

So I bought the Daily Mail.  I was not thinking. And when I returned to the Great House, and laid my paper down on the collective breakfast table, Charlii noticed the headline.

"Curly Kate's salute to the Fallen", it reads.

Charlii was livid. In vain did I point out that, in other parts of the paper, it was reported that Trinny (or possibly Susannah) has been out to dinner.  She was not interested in the danger that Sven Goran Ericsson's former girlfriend might be rejoining ABBA, or that the entire population of Romania is moving to Woking.

Charlii fails to see how, on the day when we remember the millions of dead of past and indeed current wars, the hairstyle of a young woman could merit the first half of the headline, and all the attention in the article. This would suggest that shallow celebrity is more important than marking immense sacrifice, suffering and grief. The Mail should be ashamed. Indeed, according to Charlii, if the Mail had any concept of shame it would crawl back under its journalistic rock.

I naturally totally agreed with her, but said in passing that Duchess Kate does seem to have done a good job at hiding the grey hair that she was showing the other day.

If folded correctly, the Daily Mail can make quite a mark on your forehead. I do not know where Charlii learned that skill, but I can guess.


  1. Well, well, Charli is at last resorting to violence when she doesn't have a clever, quick witted response to something said??

    I've said it before, Bring back the real Arch Druid (if one can be found) and banish the apprentice to light T Lights for a year or two, until she learns some humility and brutality.

  2. This appeared to me in my RSS readers "Curly Kale's tribute to the fallen" and I imagined it was about grief-stricken vegetables.

    {joke about Mail Online reader goes here}


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