Thursday, 14 November 2013

It's Christmas!!!

Farver Beccles is happy because it's Christmas.
Burton had to go shopping today. And while looking for superglue in the 99p Shop (which seems to have undercut Poundland), he heard "Silent Night" being played on the tannoy.

Which means it must be Christmas! So the minute we got the call that the first shop-based Christmas carol (we refuse to include Smiths songs) had been heard, we got the place done up. So the Bling is on! The Singing Ringing Tree is lit!

Singing Ringing Tree
The Beaker Bazaar is now fully kitted out and ready to go.....
The Beaker Bazaar gets an Xmas facelift!
So as happy Beaker Folk sing carols, cram mince pies into their maws and pretend to be in Dickens novels, all that is left for me is to plan the "New Year" activities - the Watchnight Service, Hootenanny and First-Footing. In keeping with tradition, they will start on Christmas Eve this year. But until then - a Happy Christmas!  And God bless us one and all.


  1. If this is Christmas, New Year must fall on, say, 6th December, which makes St. Nick a bit late arriving.

  2. Bah, humbug! What happened to Advent?

  3. We just had a dancing santa singing Burl Ives holly jolly stuff at our local big box emporium (Lowes, for those who know you) He was cavorting amongst a bunch of holly jolly fake xmas trees in one of the main aisles. You can buy a repiica of him for a price!

    Jim of Olym


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