Saturday, 21 December 2013

Acting Archdruid in Waiting

The excitement, Dear Readers! Charlii and Young Keith go on honeymoon after today's wedding. And who, you may ask, is to be acting Acting Archdruid until Charlii takes over?

Charlii called me over last night and said that, in the intervening period while we have no Archdruid, I am in charge!  She told that Hnaef, having a day job, is unsuitable role. That I am not to gloat - simply accept the role allotted to me.

I shall endeavour to be worthy of my calling.


  1. Shock, horror, what is the world coming to? A man in charge - even temporarily?

  2. Acting, apprentice Arch Druid? What a come down for a Man? You need to be a Warlock not an Arch Druid, which is women's work.

    All you need is two horns a pitchfork and a long black cloak and the ability to kick with hob nailed, steel toe capped boots and beat with a cricket bat - and you could supplant both Charli and her ill fated predecessor Eileen.


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