Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Blogging Review of the Year

It's that time of year again when people do their most popular posts of the year summaries, awards, a stats analysis and a quick lament for the good ol' days of blogging.

But I'm not doing stats. Haven't you people ever heard of humility? For goodness' sake.

So instead of stats, here's a sampler of the oddest search terms by which people have found us this year. Now I know this is likely to be an imperfect list. Mostly because The Alethiophile has a hobby of generating odd Google searches on other people's blogs.  So I've filtered out "London" in the Analytics, to try and get some real ones. And my favourites of the year are:

  • a long time ago on a far away moon
  • calculating easter comedy
  • cockney druids
  • john lewis green ink
  • new archbishop of canterbury,anglican, justin welby is a druid
  • one of leonardo da vinci's invention the owl
  • grinling gibbons descendants
  • incense in church dangers
  • liturgical pie chart
  • sombre hair

I have no idea what many of these people were looking for. But I hope they found it. Especially the comedy about calculating Easter. That must be a side-splitter.

Finally, I'd like to recommend my own 2nd favourite blog.  It's A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Foodcourt of Life. And I recommend it because it's a blog that does what blogs are supposed to do, well. So, thanks, Catriona.

My favourite blog is less recommendable, for two reasons. Firstly because some of my readers may not get its eccentric, dark, off-beat humour. And secondly because Mrs Starkadder doesn't blog very often. 3 posts this year. There's clearly been a lot of clettering, and too much trying to cut down on Seth's mollickin'. But it's good when it appears.

Thanks for reading and sticking with us, and we'll see you in the new year. Unless the Paraguayans were right, obviously.  In which case, we'll see you somewhere else, if we're all lucky. You've not heard of the Paraguayan prophecy? Oh, sorry. Best not look into it now. Will only spoil what's left of the week


  1. aw thank you.... am surprised and pleased to bits :-) Thank YOU for making me laugh, and making me think, and of course for blogging even more often than I do. Bestest wishes for 2014

  2. I second your commendation of Catriona's blog. Hers and yours are two of my favourites too.

  3. I wonder if that first search term has anything to do with The Clangers? I'm with you on your choice of Catriona's blog. Great to see that the Beaker Folk are back in safe hands by the way.


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