Thursday, 19 December 2013

Polygamy and my Shadow

A strange evening. My anger when Keith got home became total confusion when I unwrapped the Mickey Mouse outfit he seems to have bought me as a combined wedding and Christmas present. Odd choice, and it appears to have a couple of bloodstains. I told him he'd better buy me two better presents than that or he'll be sewed into that outfit when he least expects it, and let loose in Centre:MK.

Still, we had the excitement of the "Salt Lake Experience" choir. Hnaef had booked them on spec when the leader phoned up and told him they were experts on polyphony. That must have been a bad line. Still, Mr Smollett and the 32 Mrs Smolletts sang beautifully.

As they left, Mr Smollett wished us well for our wedding day. Said he's enjoyed all 32 of his.

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