Saturday, 14 December 2013

Think Green

Some embarrassment for poor Eloize, who has a part-time job in John Lewis in Milton Keynes.

Two men came up to her, asked her if she could point to them to the toilets. Since they were looking like they might work in the store, in reasonably-priced suits, she thought they might be new colleagues, and could therefore use the loos "backstage", and asked them "are you Partners?"

Very annoyed, they were. Said their private lives were none of her business, and she should get on with selling carpets.


  1. During my interview with my current Israeli employer, I got several strange glances from my prospective boss when I mentioned my "partner". In retrospect (and it didn't register with me at the time), he obviously thought I was referring to a male partner, as otherwise I'd have said wife or girlfriend (I feel uncomfortable using the word 'girlfriend' for someone in their 40s).

    Several months after passing the interview, my boss said that at the time he thought; "Oh well, he's British. Strange people these British - but what he does in his private life is no concern of mine."

  2. Our son and DiL should have had a new kitchen installed this past week but although deposits were paid, design and units chosen, John Lewis at Milton Keynes didn't place the order with the manufacturer. Even once this had been realised and meaningful discussions had ensued it was DiL who had to remind them that the flooring department should know that installation would now be in February.

    Both had taken a week off work to be around for this and to celebrate son's birthday on Wednesday. I think much time was spent putting back essential kitchen equipment that had been moved too the dining room and working out plans for where DiL was going to bake cakes for her sister's wedding.

    There has been much discussion about what one calls an older boyfriend or girlfriend. we sometimes refer to daughter 's boyfriend as our son outlaw, but generally just use his name. Constant companion, mate, best friend, other half, spouse - nothing seems to sound right. Life is so complicated today, partner to me still implies a business context, even more so in John Lewis'.


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