Friday, 27 December 2013

What Kind of Christian Are You?

Since everybody else has got into this, I thought we'd offer this simple, easy-to-use Web Quiz. Why not give it a go? And then share it with your friends!

Question 1: Which of these appears on the sign, or notice board, of the church you normally worship in?

A) Methodist
B) Catholic Church of...
C) Orthodox
D) United Reformed or Presbyterian
E) Lutheran
F) Church of England, or Episcopalian
G) Baptist
H) Pentecostal
I) God hates.....
J) Mosque, Hindu, Sikh or Synagogue; or "Humanist Association"
K) Quaker or Society of Friends
L) Unitarian
M) Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah's Witnesses
N) The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints
O) Mennonite
P) Moot House

And here's your result.....

If you answered mostly:
A) You're probably a Methodist
B) You're probably (Roman) Catholic
C) You're probably Orthodox
D) You're probably United Reformed or Presbyterian
E) You're probably Lutheran
F) You're probably Church of England, or Episcopalian
G) You're probably Baptist
H) You're probably Pentecostal
I) You're probably Westboro Baptist
J) You're probably not a Christian
K) You're probably a Quaker
L) You're probably Unitarian
M) You're probably Jehovah's Witness
N) You're probably Mormon
O) You're probably Mennonite
P) You're probably a Beaker Person.


  1. Brilliant! Now I know for sure. I think. Probably.
    Errrm, what is a "Church of England"?

    1. On the off chance Kirsten's serious, the Anglican (or CoE) church is the English wing of the Protestant church formed when King Henry VIII (of what is now England and Wales) split his national church from Rome. He did this a) to get an extra divorce and b) to gain better financial control over the churches in his domain.

      It's called the 'Church of England' because it's the official state religion: the Queen is still the 'head' of the Church. the Welsh branch is not the official church of Wales (there isn't one), and so is known as the Church In Wales.

      The Anglican church is known globally as "Episcopalian".

  2. Usually "Catholic" rather than "Roman Catholic". The latter is a term used by non-er-Roman Catholics.

    1. You are right Bruv, but I was concerned how to help those people who just find a church called, for example, "St Mary's", with no other clues, wander round finding the word "Catholic", pray the Hail Mary and discover, after eight or nine years, that they have been in the Church of England all along.

  3. "but not that kind of Baptist" :-)

  4. Well, it's simple enough. But I'm confused by the Catholic bit. because there's Roman, Anglo, Ordinariate and Catholic and Reformed?

    If I like incense and pray the Hail Mary and the Confiteor does that make me an hybrid because I'm as Anglican as Blackpool Rock.

    If I also do confession and absolution does that confuse things?

    If I don't do transsubstantiation, does that make me a tiber/swimmer the wrong way?

    If I like Anglican Patrimony does that make me Ordinariate?

    It's all so confusing, why can't we have a clear cut label to wear for each church we go to saying, "Don't bite me - I'm an Anglican".

    1. I think you're over-complicating it. Go and read the notice board.

  5. My sign says "Anglican" so I chose P

  6. How about Q! None of the above!!! Besides does the deomination really say what kind if christian you are???

  7. There are a lot of us non-Anglicans in Anglican churches these days - so many closed Chapels! As our Chaplain regularly remarked, "Being found in a garage does not make you a car!"

  8. Apparently this makes me Dietrich Bonhoeffer - by extension, Lutheran. Or I am a fish.


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