Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Welcome in the Hillside

An interesting blog post on "The Blog by Ben Whitehouse". You can read over there the story of how he wrote to a number of churches in Wrexham, and asked if they'd welcome a gay person.

Two things jump out at me. One being the reply from the man at the council, saying none of the churches in Wrexham would be welcoming to gay people. Wrong. This council man should obviously go to more churches.

The other was the response from St John's saying that one or two people would be likely to "make things quite uncomfortable for you". Benjamin naturally assumes that this is because he's gay.

Yes, he's probably right in context. But call me naive, but I do cling to the more optimistic hope. Maybe those people just make everybody uncomfortable. Maybe they're equal-opportunities discomforters. Maybe they just don't like strangers. There's a few of them about. Maybe the vicar at St John's is just being more open about "that pair" than others would be.

Yeah, you're probably right. And I probably just am a dreamer.

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