Thursday, 27 February 2014

If Ecclesiastes did Thought For the Day

Once again, the press has been talking about flooding and what to do about it. And our hearts do go out, in a very metaphorical sense, to the people suffering in these floods.

But it does make me reflect that, in a very real sense, anything we do about it is meaningless.

Yes, we could build bigger sea walls. But even if rising sea levels didn't overwhelm them, they'd only wear out one day. Probably causing worse problems.

And we can pump water out of the Somerset Levels. But it will only rain again.

If we accept the warnings of the scientists about climate change - and let's face it, this is the BBC - of course we do - we could drive to the recycling centres in nearby towns, whenever we have an empty wine bottle. But the Chinese will continue to burn coal to make more wine.

Or we could build all the houses on stilts. But, let's face it, the people will all die in the end, of other causes.

And then, even if we planted forests in the Quantocks, built a sea wall 1,000 yards high around the entire coast of Great Britain, cured all known ailments, defeated death, and built an enormous space ship to escape the Earth before the Sun expands and swallows us up - the Heat Death of the Universe will get us in the end.

So it's all vanity really. Frankly, I wish I hadn't come in to the studio.

And now back to John for the weather. More rain, I expect.

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  1. It sounds like you're on one of your periodic 'not a clue' days.

    I've not read such drivel from you for a long while. The Arch Druid is off key, no right wing trendiness, no mention of punishment, no mention of punitive action against Drayton or Burton?

    I'm beginning to think that the Anglican Sabbatical you had has taken the viperish edge of you - sad to be getting old and past it - isn't it? :)


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