Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Midsomer Bingo

You know how it is. You're watching Midsomer Murders. You're wallowing in the perfect English countryside, as piles of bodies cover it. You're knowing that, at some point, somebody called Barnaby is going to come up with the solution to the mystery. You've got a glass of wine.

But you need something to keep your brain just ticking over, just enough to stay awake long enough to find out that the most famous guest star was guilty. So here we have Midsomer Bingo! Just settle back, keep an eye out for the Midsomer detail, and when you get a line - you shout out "Stately Home!"


  1. Good precis! Are you sure that you're not the writer for the whole series?

  2. excellent - a pity that you can no longer add "Appearance of Cully..."

  3. But, but, in tonight's episode the famous guest stars didn't do it! Have they been reading this and decided to be cussed?

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