Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Spectral Arms Race

It's my own fault. I wasn't thinking.

I like to let out the Carriage House to self-leading, self-contained retreats. But it has two large-ish common rooms downstairs so, if we get two small retreats, I can allow two bookings at a time.

Of course, the mistake was accepting a booking from a bunch of ghost-spotters who thought an old manor was just the place, at the same time as a bunch of people who thought the best way to cure their irrational fear of ghosts was to come out somewhere quiet in the country.

There's currently fireworks, explosions, minor earthquakes, and exploding ectoplasm all over the place down there. In other news, I notice that shares are up in both Ghostbusters and Rentaghost.

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  1. Would you like me to drop by and burn some sage? (Clients are asked to provide their own Dawkins, Hitchens, Jenkins, or Alibai-Brown for this ceremony)


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