Thursday, 1 May 2014

Discerning a Lack of Spiritual Direction

Typical of my luck, this lunchtime.

I knew it was probably not a proper tourist destination, more a ten-minute stop-off. But I'd never seen the Hardingstone Eleanor Cross before, and I thought, having a quiet hour or two, I'd run up to Junction 15, have a look, then nip back.

Did I but know. The GPS got a bit confused, and the fact the cross is on the other side of the main road from the village didn't help, and I ended up driving up and down the A45 in a confused state. Anyway, I pulled over on the Bedford road, found somebody who looked like they knew where they were, and asked how to get to the Cross.

Unfortunately, turns out I'd picked an over-enthusiastic attendee at a course on "Discerning The True Calling of Others." He suggested maybe I was limiting myself by wanting to find the Hardingstone Eleanor Cross. Asked me whether maybe I really wanted to go to the one at Geddington. Or had I considered what I was going to do after I'd been to Hardingstone? Was I planning to go beyond Hardingstone? Or was I interested in a different kind of landmark altogether, and was just focusing on the Eleanor Cross because I thought, in  a church context, that it was more acceptable? Or was I being far too specific, and just wanted to visit Northampton?
Eleanor Cross, Hardingstone
Looks like this, apparently

I told him to forget the Eleanor Cross.  I wished I'd never gone to see it in the first place.

As I wound the window up, he nodded sagely. The last words I heard were, "I suspected that might be the case. My work here is done."


  1. I've had a complete lack of spiritual direction this week too; hopefully to be corrected by a visit to the "frog and wicket" later this evening to watch first outdoor match of the season :)

  2. Sorry to hear that your GPS and one of our locals were not helpful. The Eleanor Cross is well worth a visit. Can be linked in with a visitto Delapre Abbey


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