Thursday, 29 May 2014

Are There Germs in Heaven?

When I think about the Ascension, what do I think? I think to myself that the nature of humanity - DNA, the ability to cry, weep, be born and die - are enthroned in heaven. If the Kingdom of the world is to become the Kingdom of our God, then it's promised because the world - the universe, the nature of the hydrogen atom, the fine structure of the sodium spectrum, the way in which all of our human body is riddled by micro-organisms, the edginess and creativity and lateral thinking of the human mind - in some way, beyond my understanding,  they're all already part of the Kingdom of God. There's a throne in heaven where all the messiness of living as a human sits down, and knows that this, this is where humanity is truly at home.

If you want to explain away the Ascension, feel free. I won't be listening, though.

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