Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Small Heap of Offering

Dreadful news coming out of Bogwulf Baptist Chapel.

It was their Special Service for Fundraising yesterday. Apparently their evil landlady has put the rent up again.

Revd Drayton Parslow said he would keep preaching until the "heap offering" reached 6' high. And he's still going. Apparently having worked through "The Riches of Creation", "The Concept of the Tithe", and "The Generosity of the People of Israel in Numbers", he's on point 4 now, "The Lord loves a Cheerful Giver". We've sent in sandwiches, milk and honey - obviously, I stand to benefit from this one, so I don't want them flagging - but they've still only reached about 3'4". I'm gonna have to send the card-reader in if they've not reached the total by midnight.

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