Wednesday, 4 June 2014

If Andy Townsend Were a Worship Leader

Welcome to St Agnes's. The name of the Church is the same as a saint. A woman called Agnes who was very good.

And the first hymn is "And can it be". Dennis the organist has to play black notes and white notes. He's been getting himself acclimatized to that by practicing it with the quire. The quire are going to be singing. They've got to be careful to face in the right direction, or the sound does not come out so well.

That new lad Fenris in the quire has to be a little bit careful. If he goes diving into notes like that, he could end up out of tune.

"Blessed be the Lord Our God". More of a modern song. The organist still has to play black and white notes, though. He's played other songs in the past.

During the prayers, Jenny will be asking God for things for the Church, the world and other people. As long as she doesn't forget God's name, she should be OK.

Given the last song is coming up, this is probably the end of the service. The song is in C, so there are no black notes to play. I'm not sure how Dennis will cope with this new challenge.

After the blessing, you can go out for a cup of tea. The tea will be in the Church Hall. That's the hall next to the Church. If you go out through the door, it will be easier.


  1. Should I be proud or ashamed that I had to look up who Andy Townsend is?

  2. I'd never talk down to my readers by explaining anything....


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