Tuesday, 24 June 2014

John the Baptist's Aunt Pays a Visit

"Look at him, wide awake! Laying there, bright in the crib, sharp brown eyes darting the room. Odd, isn't he?

I mean, lovely obviously. But... odd for a baby?

Ever alert. You don't see that often, not on day 1.

Even on the breast - look, there! Just a hint - he can't really see, can he? He never really settles on anything - but eyes just flashing from side to side.

Like a coney in the desert, looking out - for a fox or a mate.

Like a girl out looking for her lover, but fearing her dad's gonna arrive.

Like a guard on a wall, watching - for an enemy, or the king.

I wonder what he's looking for?

Still, he'll soon calm down.

He can't keep that up forever.

He'd never settle."

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