Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Playing God

The BBC says there might be objections to the creation of three-parent babies because it is "playing God".

Can we get something straight? Playing God would be creating matter out of nothing, complete with its laws of physics, and giving it meaning. Anything else is not playing God. It may be right, it may be wrong. But it ain't playing God.


  1. I always wanted to play Thor, God of thunder, lightening, fertility and oak trees, plus a magic hammer and a cape, what's not to like :)

  2. Using the term "Playing Frankenstein" might be more apt, though many confuse the scientist and his monstrous creation. Actually - probably still apt.

  3. I always thought that playing God was best left up to Morgan Freeman.

  4. Combining Steve and Dave's suggestions, I've never seen Morgan Freeman playing Thor. Maybe the third in the "Almighty" series could take a Norse direction?


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